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Monday, June 8, 2015

First Big Boy Haircut!

On the eve of his 11 month birthday we decided to give the little dude his first big boy hair cut! Dad insisted on doing the clipping and Trevi was our trusty helper with a popsicle to distract Harv when needed! His hair was so much longer than I realized and now he's a much more polished little dude!

daddy letting Harv check out the tickly clippers

Trevi helping distract Harvey 

gives you an idea how long it was even if it is blurry. 

What the heck dad!?

so patient!

pretty sure the cord was more distracting than the popsicle

such a good big sister

should we leave it as a mohawk?!?!

final product!

final final product after a bit of cleaning up!

what up man?!!?

water baby!

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