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Monday, June 15, 2015

Pittsburgh Things!

We embraced National Donut Day with Peace Love and Little Donuts with the Van Dyke's!

Our little donuts!

Meg and I got a much needed girls night! Swing dancing and jazz music (NO, I did not dance!)

I took the kiddos on a bus adventure!

Trevi loves the bus and being downtown!

Point State Park

Heinz Field- Home of the Steelers--- BOO!

We finally made it to the fountain!

This was probably one of the most beautiful days here so far!

Bridges everywhere!

Crossing a bridge headed to the North Shore Water Steps!

The rivers help me not miss the water at home too much!

Such a gorgeous view!

Water Steps! Probably Trev's favorite Pittsburgh attraction so far!

She could have played all day and asks to go back all the time!

Sure Harv, just go right on in!

Water babies!

homemade yogurt bites!
Trevi and Harv probably ate about 100 of these in 6 seconds!

Mom, look at this huge bubble!


lights on, shades open, sun shining, alarm clock buzzing yet she still fell asleep at "Quiet time!" 
Must not be quite ready to give up her naps!

New dress from Grandpa and Grandma!
Pretty sure you've never met a girl who is more obsessed with clothes, dresses especially, and she probably changes her clothes 50 times a day!

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benilhalk said...

What a great trip it was! I liked all these photographs. I am so surprised that your little girl is so obsessed with the dresses that she changes her clothes several times a day! Anyway, I am also going to throw a party at some local party halls in Boston MA. I hope the party will be enjoyable for all guests.