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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Active Day at the Zoo

I have my friend Meg to thank for most of these pictures! She's the kind of friend you want to visit places with because she, wait for it... take's pictures! I on the other hand remember after the fact that I should have captioned that awesome moment in my kids life but didn't think about it. So thanks Meg!

The animals were unusually active at the zoo this morning! I've heard that over cast weather is a great time to go but it could also have just been a rare day because it's not like we've never gone when it's been overcast. We went in the snow for goodness sakes! 
Either way, I overheard from almost every other person we saw that they have never seen the animals so active! I'm happy with my impulse decision to go this morning and Meg's ability to get out of bed,  get herself and 2 kids ready and be at the zoo within about 30 minutes! I had been up since 5am so I had plenty of time to get ready yet she was still way more prepared than I was. 

This was by far the coolest experience I've had at the zoo: seeing the tiger swim and play with his ball. That is until we got to the swimming polar bears!!!

teaser photo!

 Happy 11 months to Miss Maddie Pants! Harv is right behind you!

And just in case you like to look back and really have a chance to appreciate the weather we've been having here are some pictures from when we went to the zoo in the snow and it was 17 degrees. We must have been desperate!

I can assure we saw far less animals and even less people. One worker may have mentioned that we were the ONLY ones there that day. 

This was one of two times we've seen the male lions out so it was worth it for that but I'm curious if that also means they are a bit stronger than their fair weather counterparts? 

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