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Saturday, May 30, 2015

The end of May

Being from the PNW I wouldn't normally expect May to be a month where we are outside as much as we have been but I am very thankful for the warm weather! Here are some of our fun adventures of the last week!

The spray parks opened!

Harv was all smiles art the spray park! Check out those teeth!

watching his sister splash!

Trevi has really been embracing her big sister role!

Chad flew over Pittsburgh last week! He sent us this photo. How cool is that?!
Too bad his layover wasn't here.

Where's Harvey?

He loves boxes

How big is Harvey?!

Starting to climb!

Sure, I'll be your personal chair!

Hi Dad!

Ana braids

Hey, Trev, smile.... hahah

bucket head!

Doing a little morning painting!

Put a hat on for our walk... Harv was not a fan.

Making messes everywhere he goes is the name of the game!

Brett and Trevi went to a baseball game! Clearly they had fun!


Helping me bake bread

time to let it rise

The olive will tell us where tho go!

Starfish the puppy came with us on a walk

hanging out at the park while Trev plays

All kids wear their swimsuit to the park right?!

morning sunshine!

This kid loves water!

Playing in the rain

I think he finally out grew the kitchen sink for bath.

Trevi and Jules at the zoo!

Watching the polar bears!

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