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Monday, May 4, 2015

Major Photo Dump!

She can officially ride her pedal bike!!

Auntie Mich got us these blokes for Trevi's first Christmas! They are still get used!

Bike ride with Dad! Notice the new addition to her book?! 
Water bottle holder! or buddy holder!

BUG girl!

Harv man!

Standing man!

Getting her first lacrosse lesson!

Sharing with her brother!

bath boy

playing in the maze at the children's museum

Snack break at the museum

Harv and Maddie! Besties for life!

bounce house tube

the Harv!

His favorite toy! he's figured out how to turn the sound machine on.

Family trip to Costco! 

My family is more photogenic than yours! hahaha

flying Harvey

fairy dust!

In awe!

walking outfit!

we got the kiddos a water table!

first pair of boardies!

my matching boys!

watching a video of Trevi when she was little!

My big boy!

playing well together!

He seems to be doing this a lot lately!

"How big is Harvey?!"

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