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Sunday, May 10, 2015

We took a family trip to the Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio and man was it FUN!!! 
We went on lots of water slides, swam, floated the lazy river, drank milk shakes and spend some good quality time as a family! It's been the best Mother's Day yet!

exploring while Harv is napping!

Trevi has learned to take photos and she practiced on the drive!

Rest stop hang out!

Tree climbing at the rest stop 

stretching our legs

Trolley ride

little wolf

my little wolf

riding the pony for a penny!

summer knees

taking a break from all the water slides!

milk shake happy hour at Steak and Shake

Dad, make my towel like Elsa!

after a longing day of swimming!

Tired but happy after a fun vacation!

Some other random photos:
Trevi tower

we found some grass in this concrete jungle

she does these things all by herself!

Target junkies!

enjoying the sun!

whale tail!

All ready for football season

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