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Saturday, May 23, 2015

We're having lots of fun in Pittsburgh!
Not sure what they're doing but it looks very intense...

bubbles make for one very happy girl!

trying on shirts while I check out.... not sure anyone would actually buy this.

avocado man!

she spends most of her time in her undies!

helping mom shop...

and put the groceries away!

I love these flowers! and the little girl is pretty great too!

dessert in the tub and someone likes to share!

this kid has some serious volume in his hair... his dad may be a little jealous!

 checking out the latest Little Passports delivery themed art! Thanks G and Pa!

babies in a box!

frozen broccoli is a seriously good teether!

these two and their bike rides crack me up!

figuring out that they can "play" together!

dad and his dude!

this girl's pony tail just makes me smile!

getting into trouble as usual!

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