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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

5 months and counting...

Brett and I have been living life as usual in Port but it seems to be getting close to our ending too quickly. We are now thinking about our 1 year wedding anniversary (the 20th), Christmas, packing up, leaving our jobs and heading on the road again! This departure is going to be very bitter sweet. While we are so excited to get back into the van, see more of Australia and pick up Casey, we are also very sad to be leaving fun jobs, an amazing town and such great friends. Oh well, I guess our love of Port will just have to bring us back sometime in our lives.

5 months from today, well our today and your tomorrow, Brett will be having his first day of nursing school in Denver. While 5 months sounds like a long time I can assure you it sounds very close for us. It is crazy to think between now and than we will have hopefully been to NZ, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Hong Kong, WA and than finally to Denver! We received our Southeast Asia Lonely Planet book in the mail today so I have big plans to start researching and planning our upcoming adventures!

Brett and I have been playing with my new camera a ton and we love it so much! It is a lot of fun to play with the settings to try and make the pictures creative. We have a friend here who is an awesome photographer and after spending a couple of hours at a BBQ with him I learned more than I would by reading the manual front to back. He takes amazing photos of everything, especially kiteboarding. He has made it into a few magazines so I know I am working with the right person! He has given me a few books to look at and enjoy as well as a ton of pointers and tips for trying new things!

We spent Wednesday afternoon at the Mossman Gorge again! It is an awesome swimming hole with some very small but fast flowing rapids. We swam, took pictures, ate some lunch, layed out in the sun, read and just played around! It was an awesome afternoon before having to head into work that evening.

We have been getting a lot more rain than usual and I think it is a sign that the wet season is starting to move in. The rain coming really hard for small bits of time but it is plenty of time to soak everything, create puddles and make it impossible to hear anything because it is pounding our metal roof so loud. We used to love the rain and while we still like it during it brings in a massive increase in the humidity so we always fear when it stops.

Port has been getting a cruise ships almost daily for the last week. We had several boats anchored outside the marina over the weekend as well as The World cruise ship parked there on the 6th. The World is the biggest cruise ship that holds thousands of people. It even has some permanent residence. It would be well worth spending a few minutes to Google it if you have never heard of it. It is massive, beautiful and think, what a way to live life, aboard a cruise ship. Wow!

Since we have a fancy new camera and a few books to read, which are inspiring us, Brett and I decided to get up at sunrise to take some pictures. Plus, all the tour books say how great it is to head to Four Mile Beach at sunrise. We got some amazing pictures and crazy enough we were not the only people up at sunrise. Sunrise was at 545am so we got up, took some pictures, ate some brekkie and took a nap! Great way to start the day!

I added a bunch of photos to the end of this album. Check them out if you are interested!

Thanks for reading!
B and K8

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