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Thursday, December 3, 2009

News from Port

So, our weekly paper came out yesterday and Brett and I are always really good about buying it and reading it to stay updated on the facts. We don't want to be spreading any rumors! Well, some big/interesting have been happening and I thought I would fill you guys in. Keep reading if you are interested.

Last Saturday Poseidon, Brett's sister dive boat, spotted a dead sperm whale floating out near the Agincourt reef. Now this was a big deal for more reasons that one. This if the first sperm whale to ever come into the reef system in the area because sperm whales do not live in our waters. Also, when the boat got closer they realized that the whale had only been dead for a few days because it didn't smell very bad. Now the really interesting part. Poseidon spotted up to 5 tiger sharks and 1 bull shark happily but fiercely munching on the carcass. Yikes. No one got into the water, for obvious reasons but there were a few pictures taken and one ended up in the paper.

A legend in Port Douglas died sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday at 9am. John McDonald was found face down next to his boat in the marina. Apparently John checked all the boats each night to make sure non were sinking and it seems he fell and hit his head and drowned in the marina waters. Someone from the marina found him at 9am Thursday morning. A lot of people in Port are very sad and are missing John. He owned a fishing boat called Wy-Knot. He was also know as an amazing diver and certified over 700 people.

A woman from the US died on the outer reef yesterday (Thursday). She went out on the boat Silver Sonic and unfortunately she had a heart attack in the water and drowned. All the other passengers were rushed over to the Quicksilver pontoon while Silver Sonic took her back to shore. We don't know much about it but I am sure next weeks paper will give all the details. She was very over weight and unfortunately her unhealthy lifestyle did not allow her to swim very well. Not a great way to end your vacation.

On a better note, The Central Restaurant here in Port Douglas raised over $2000 in a single night for their Movember Events. Movember is worldwide event raising awareness for prostate cancer. Many of the men in Port Douglas took part in the event. Men grow out their mustaches for the entire month of November and than the Central held a party on the 30th to vote on the best mo, had a raffle and raised money for the cause. I local guy won and it seems that everyone was very happy to shave off their mos at the end of the month. The local paper, The Port Douglas Gazette, posted new pictures each week of the contestants for the best mo so the locals could see the progress of each guy.

Just thought I would pass on some news, good and bad, from Port Douglas. We hope everyone is happy and healthy at home! We miss you and love you all!

Love, B and K


Bob said...

Thanks for all of the interesting info about Port. You guys are experiencing a lot of things you wouldn't see any place else. You'll be telling your stories about this trip for the rest of your lives and you're very lucky to be sharing them with each other. Love, Dad

Dick and Bo said...

Thanks for keeping us learning all about what life is like there. You 2 seem to have become a part of the fabric of the community with so many friends and with all of your experiences. The trip out to the reef sounds like it was just amazing. I can't believe the size of the clam in your picture. It looks like something fake we would see at Disneyland! You'll stay away from those tiger sharks, right? :-) Love, Bo/Mom