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Monday, December 14, 2009

Rainforest Habitat

Because not everyone has facebook, where I usually post all my photos, I figured I would post some pictures for YOU! Brett and I woke up Monday morning and decided to do something a little touristy in our cute little town. We have been hearing so many great thinks about the Rainforest Habitat so we decided to check it out. This is an awesome attraction where you can see, touch, feed and interact with many of Australia most unique animals. As you can see we got to feed kangaroos, wallabies, ducks and birds. We also had an awesome buffet breakfast in a big open air bird sanctuary around 9am and then headed into the habitat area to see all the other animals. All the animals and creatures were really interesting and exciting, especially the huge crocodile. That guy, we did not feed!! It was an awesome morning and totally lost track of time because we didn't even leave until 115pm. We were thoroughly impressed and had such a great time!

I really wish we would have gone sooner because I love the picture of Brett and I both with the kangaroo! What an awesome Christmas card that would have been! It was amazing how tame all the animals were and while they were really gentle and sweet it was really great to also see them in an environment that mimicked their real home as much as possible.

It is amazing how we were able to get right next to the kangaroos and take a picture with them! This little, well ok not little, but sweet roo let us play with her, pet her, feed her and take some pictures. They are so cute up close and have so much personality!

This croc was easily 4 meters or about 12 feet long! He was so stealth looking and moved through the water so effortlessly. I would not want to run into one of these guys in the water. He also had his lady friend with him in the same enclosure and while she was much smaller she was just as scary looking. You can just barely see his teeth but let me tell you, they were HUGE!

This pretty little guy let us get right in his face while he
was eating! He was so cute and friendly! Not to
mention very pretty!

We hope everyone is doing well at home! We miss
everyone and we are sorry we wont be home for the
holidays but I can assure we are having a great time here!!!

B and K8

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Bob said...

Awesome!! What a wonderful experience you guys are having. We look forward to every post.