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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Well, I feel like it has been a long time since I have posted and so much has happened! Brett and I celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary, we had our 2nd Christmas as a married couple and we have started to pack up our apt in Port Douglas.

Our anniversary was spent in true Port Douglas style. Brett woke me up with breakfast and coffee, treated me to a day off spent on Sailaway snorkeling, relaxing and snapping pictures and then dinner at Salsa, which is a famous favorite among the local Port crowd! The food was seriously amazing and we spend 2 hours and 45 minutes savoring every bite and bit of conversation! We also opened presents. We had exchanged our big presents early because I got Brett a fancy pair of sunnies for his boat job and he got me my camera which I opened early as well but we still had to get each other a little something. Brett got me a cute t-shirt and I gave him a personalized desk calendar with pictures of us and a fun skim ball to play with in the water! It was the best anniversary I could ever ask for!

Brett and I celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary

Christmas was just as amazing but in a different way! It was fun to have a HOT Christmas spent at the beach here in Port. We made a yummy breakfast, went to a church service in town, opened presents, hung out and swam at the beach all afternoon and went to a BBQ at Marty's house! Brett and I had said that our big presents were for our anniversary and Christmas but of course we still did something for each other. It is kind of difficult to be sneaky when you live with someone, hang out with them in all your down time and share a car but we managed to get each other some gifts as well as wrap them and get them under the tree! Yes, we even had a tree! I got Brett a t-shirt he had been wanting as well as new book. Brett wrapped up some candy, a tabloid magazine (which is a very big deal because 1. he thinks they are a waste of money and 2. magazines are not cheap here), some face wash I had been complaining about not having and the biggest surprise of all, a black freshwater pearl necklace!!!!! I had always figured my husband was not into buying jewelery but seriously he picked it out all by himself and surprised me big time! It is beautiful and I have been wearing it everywhere!!!! I am very thankful and feel very loved!

Brett and I with Santa in Port Douglas

As of today, Sunday, we leave Port in 5 days. AHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOO. We are seriously so sad, bitter, and a just a bit bummed we are leaving so soon. I think if we got the chance to do it over again we would not be leaving so early. We love it here. Yes, we are excited to get on the road to see more stuff but leaving this perfect little town is going to be so painful. I just keep telling myself that we will be back at some point! I wish all of you could have come to visit to see this place! It feels like Brett and I's first true home together, sorry BK Lounge, while you will forever be in our hearts as the first home we built Port is our first home that we have moved to, lived in and moved out of together. There will always be a special piece of our heart that belongs here. We are also sad to be leaving some of our amazing friends. We have met the best of people here. Some awesome couples have influenced our lives and some amazing people have helped up feel right at home!

Brett and I wanted to be able to remember Port every single day so we purchased a painting of Four Mile Beach from a local artist!!
Brett and I with the artist, Alex
Our Four Mile painting! This is literally a picture of our backyard!

It has been raining more which means the wet season is getting even closer! I am sure come mid-January the people will be stuck in their houses due to all the rain but it will still be hot and humid!! I wish that was going to be us :(

We hope everyone had an great Christmas and a nice time with their families! We miss everyone but we will be home for Christmas next year. Thanks for reading!

B and K8


Dick and Bo said...

B & K8,

We just arrived in Maui, and powered up the Mac, and wen tot your blog to see if we had a good connection! So we were so excited to see that you added to it; and we loved reading about your 1st anniv & 2nd C'Mas! We loved reading that you both felt loved by each other on your anniversary - truly a blessing! Also, great anniv pic! Papakea looks like it is going to be wonderful - but haven't seen it in the daylight yet. Miss not having you guys w/ the rest of the gang, but thrilled that you're doing well. Love you guys,
M & D

Russ and Rachel Dray said...

I love it!! Looks like you guys had a really special anniversary. I also think it's cute how you still celebrated Christmas with a tree! I noticed you called Brett's gift "sunnies" Russ was looking for his "sunnies" yesterday...funny!!! Great idea on the painting.

robert said...

Great anniversary and Christmas post. You guys are very fortunate indeed. It sounds like everything is going very well and that you are taking really good care of each other which is what it takes to make it all work out. I got your email about skypeing and we're available any time after about 5:00 p.m. PST. We're taking Zach & Amy to the airport tonight. It was really a lot of fun to have them and Ann, Lucas and Jordan living with us for a week. It was very busy. Wyatt was very interested in and curious about Jordan. We all had a great Christmas. Love, Dad & Mom