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Saturday, January 2, 2010

On the road again, I just can't wait to get on the road again!

Living in Port Douglas or living in the van... Which do we like better?

Well, Brett and I are officially back on the road again! We are spending our second night in Townsville and headed farther south tomorrow. We packed up the apt, got the van ready, had an awesome New Years Eve in town with fireworks, said goodbye to our friends and hit the road around 2pm New Years Day! We decided to head inland while still making our way south for a couple reasons and mostly because we didn't really feel like doing the same route twice. We headed straight for Innot Hot Springs. Along the way we found this tiny bit of information!!!!Upon checking into the Innot Hot Springs Caravan Village we realized that it was more along the lines of hot pools however it still felt great to soak in the hot spring water. The hottest pool was somewhere between 39 and 41 degrees Celsius, which sounds hot but was more just relaxing and fun to experience! We spent the night in the van with our special mossie net around the back which allowed for a much cooler night due to some extreme airflow!

Day two on the road consisted of lots and lots of driving, wild animal sightings along the road, a quick visit to the Undara Lava Tubes and after a small change of plans spending the night in Townsville. While at the Undara Lave Tubes we decided not to do the tour but instead went on a walking track through the bush and ended up at a beautiful lookout! All in all it was a great day and we have already seen so much! We are tentatively planning our time before Casey gets here without making too many plans!

Well, it's about 830pm on Saturday and we just finished dinner. We are going to take a quick swim, have a spot of tea, read and fall fast asleep in the back of the van!!!! Thanks to all who have been reading and hopefully the posts will get more interesting and continue to be as frequent now that we are back to life in the van!!

B and K8

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