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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Alright, well it has been a bit since I have posted and it seems like a lot has happened. We picked Casey up at the airport and we have slowly been making our way south. We have hit all the major spots and a few smaller hidden gems. So far we have...

1. Shown Casey the ropes in Brisbane
2. Played in the pristine waters at Surfer's Paradise
3. Surfed at Byron Bay
4. Camped every night
5. Kited in Valla (right outside of Nambucca Heads)
6. Made fantastic dinners and breakfasts
7. Played a few games of poison (A card game Casey taught us)
8. Slipped down rock water slides in Springbrook National Forest

We are all safe and enjoying Australia. The van is a little tight but we are making due and Casey is sleeping just fine in the one-man tent.

A bit of bad news on the home front unfortunately. Our beloved horse, Wilbur, recently got sick and my mom and aunt had to make the decision to put him down. It has been really difficult and sad. He was an amazing horse and an awesome friend to everyone. My aunt would always comment on how he was more like a human than a horse. Hopefully he will be in your hearts and we are all hoping he is in a better place.

We hope everyone is happy and safe at home. We are off from Nambucca Heads today headed for Port Macquarie.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading!

At the Most Easterly point in Australia!

Brett sliding down the rock water slide

Hiking south of Surfer's Paradise

B and K8


robert said...

You guys look like ripped movie stars! What a trip you are having! You'll be talking about it for the rest of your lives. When will you arrive in Melbourne and how long will you stay there? Love, Dad & Mom

Russ and Rachel Dray said...

Nice Tan... unbelievable! When do you guys head to NZ?? Are you going to Auckland?