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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Brett's birthday has come and gone again to make him another year older. He got to celebrate his 26th birthday on the 26th! He was also lucky enough to share his birthday with Australia Day so once again one of our holidays involves fireworks!! Australia day is HUGE here. People totally get into it by wearing anything and everything Australian from flag capes, hats, shirts, swimming suits, stickers, temporary tattoos and much more! It was fun to be part of the festivities. We hung out all day in a town called Wollongong. The town set up a fair with rides, food and booths as well as beach competitions and a firework show to end the day! It was a great day for Brett's birthday!

We are currently in a town called Huskisson where we have posted up in a caravan park for the night. We are doing massive amounts of laundry and charging all of our stuff. We have fallen right back into life on the road and we have come to realize we are getting pretty good at it! We only pay for somewhere to sleep about every third night and our expenses are very low! We have slowly started to plan for a our exit out of Australia aka our plans for NZ and Asia!

We hope everyone at home is happy and healthy!

B and K8

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