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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Brett, Casey and I made it to Sydney and instantly fell in love with the big city. I never though I would say that but seriously of all the cities I have ever been to Syndey is the best. We spent all of Friday exploring the city and our legs, feet and abundance of pictures can attest to that! We literally spent from 7am until 10pm walking, seeing and looking. We saw all the big icons as well as lots of other awesome things. We decided to spend $18 on an all-access public transport pass which allowed us to use the trains, buses and ferries to get all over the place. Let me tell you, we got our 18 dollars worth. We decided to simply ride the ferries instead of paying for a harbour cruise. This turned out to be a great idea. Sydney is a beautiful city that feels very large but compact due to the ease of public transportation.

We spent Saturday with our old friend from home, Katy. She lives in Manly with her partner and it was a lot of fun to catch up! She took us all around Manly where we went swimming, walked around, layed out and watch an iron man life-saving competition with competators of all ages. It was a true way to see Manly and some authentic Australians at the beach! We stayed at Katy's flat, in the van of course, but she was nice enough to host dinner and breakfast for us! She even took us out to her secret chocolate place in Manly where we got a chocolate souffle and vanilla ice cream for dessert! It was amazing!

We are dropping Casey off at the airport tonight and headed to a service at Hillsong tonight. We are excited to experience a service with thousands of people and music that influences church music around the world. '

Brett and I will be spending the next 5 weeks on the road enroute to Melbourne. We plan to get there around February 20th so we can sell the van, do a small weekend trip to Uluru and get ready for NZ and Asia!

We miss you all and love you! Thanks for reading and we will post some more pictures soon!
B and K8
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robert said...

Great to hear from you! You guys are proving to be the consumate travelers. It doesn't sound like you are missing much in your path. What a lot of super memories you will have. Maui is about 5 to 10* cooler than usual, i.e. 75* to 80* rather than 82* to over 85*. This is the nicest weather we have experienced here and we haven't turned the AC on at all. We're having dinner with Hap and MJ at Spago tonight and we ate at the bar at Ferarros last night. Love, Dad & Mom

Julia said...

Manly was where my first hostel was, such a nice area by the beach. I'm glad you guys are having fun, I recommend if you are heading to Indonesia don't miss Bali its beautiful and so cheat! Five Star resorts for pennies. If you go try to stay at Gazebo Beach Hotel, so fun!