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Monday, January 18, 2010

We just woke up in the Napa of Australia. We spent all day yesterday wine tasting in the Hunter Valley Wine Country. Hunter Valley is just 2 hours outside of Sydney and it seems to be the best weekend getaway for anyone interested in food and wine. The rolling hills are beautiful, the wine is delicious and the weather is warm and sunny! We are planning to head back to the coast today and search some for some waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. Casey is with us until Sunday so between now and than we will do some exploring in the Blue Mountain and see as much as we can in Sydney. We hope to walk around a lot to see the sights, go on a harbor boat tour, attend a church service at Hill Song and get Casey on a safe flight home.

All is continuing to be well in Australia. We LOVE the van and seriously wish we could send it home when we leave. If it was up to Brett we probably would. We are getting bummed that we only have about 5 week left in Australia so we plan to do it very wisely. After Casey departs we plan to head along the coast to Melbourne. One major attraction is the Great Ocean Road.

We met up with out friends Ted and Heidi for a night, which was so much fun! It was great to see them and catch up on both of our travels. They have been our lifeline while in Australia and they always give us such great advice and we learn a lot from them! We did have to face the fact that we may not be seeing them again. However, her parents do live in Vegas so you never know! :)

Since the last post we have been having , of course, so much fun! The boys have tried to kite once but there was not enough wind. Instead they flew the kite around and played for a bit. I was a little nervous only because their kite flying was preceded by a huge lightening and thunder storm. Thankfully, I know for a fact that Brett is always very safe so we sat in the van and watched while the storm passed before they headed out. This was all in Stockton.

I killed the boys at poison last night which was a huge victory. This is suppose to be a game of strategy but I just offer my hand of cards up to the gods and pray for some luck! Somehow I always end up doing pretty well and last night I won 4 games to 3!!

Well, our trip is very slowly, thankfully, drawing to an end. It makes us excited to see everyone and prepare for our next journey, aka nursing school, but it is also sad because we love it here so much! Hope everyone is safe and happy!

B and K8Kiting in Stockton

Saying Goodbye to Ted and Heidi

Hunter Valley (below)

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robert said...

Great post! We really enjoyed dining with Dick & Bo at El Pueblito so we could catch up each other on both of our families. We are all so excited for the time when all of our children and their families are back in Gig Harbor or, at least, the Pacific NW. It sounds like you guys continue to have a great time and we are very happy for you. Love, Dad & Mom