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Thursday, March 18, 2010

HI All,

I know I should be updating this blog better but honestly I don't want to rub anything in. Basically we are just laying at the beach ALL day and ripping around on our rented moped all night!! We have spent 2 full days at the beach. The kiteboarding festival is mad and going on everywhere in town! It is really fun to sit on the beach and watch all the guys riding by! The town is really cute and there are tons of little places set up on the beach renting nice chaise lounges and umbrellas for 100 baht (US $ 4.00) for the entire day. The places also have little restaurants set up so we have been eating like kings for $2! It is so much fun. We are planning to stay here a little longer and forgo the city exploring for a couple reasons. 1. It is just too great here and 2. we are not stoked about getting stuck in the mess in Bangkok with the protectors.

We are still loving our curries, stir fries, mango sticky rice and all that Thailand has to offer! It is so fun to be able to order anything you want and know that it will really cost next to nothing.

I will keep you posted as possible and I would love to post some pictures but the internet cafes are not always great with the technology so getting pictures onto the computers and onto the internet is not really possible at the moment.

We love you and all miss you guys!
B and K8


robert said...

It sounds like you are having a great time. Did you do the cooking school? We're hoping you did so you can cook up some Thai food for us when you get home. We arrived on Maui about 30 minutes ago after a four hour delay getting out of Seattle and a six hour flight. Lucas was a perfect gentleman the entire time. The first thing he wanted when we walked in the condo was his Ukelele and now he's watching NCAA basketball. We're looking forward to having a lot of fun with him. Love, Dad, Mom & Lucas

Dick and Bo said...

Thanks for the update Kate. I wasn't sure whether or not you had let the kiteboarding beach of Thailand yet. Glad you are having such a restful time and are eating well. Will you be seeing any other countries before flying out of HongKong? Gav and Coco are currently upstairs sleeping. They are so funny. Gav asked me if he could call for me if he had a little problem and I lovingly told him "yes." Then he told me that Mommy only let him call for her if its a mergency! I'm still laughing. Boy am I dumb! :-)