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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Photos from our latest adventures

Our ride from the airport to our hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Hanging out after lunch on our boat tour to Phi Phi Island!

Feeding the monkeys at Monkey Beach!

Maya Beach! The movie The Beach was partially shot here!

Riding the mopeds all over Phuket! Thai law is that the driver wears the helmet and not the passenger. We later found this out at a police stop. Go figure! No one was hurt in the process!

Kata Beach- right near our hotel in Phuket

View from Petronas Towers in KL- tallest buildings in the world until 2005

Petronas Towers in KL

Batu Caves in KL! This gold statue is 140 feet tall!


robert said...

Great photos! What a beautiful country. I've been reading a really good travel book about Southeast Asia and it's easy to see why you guys chose that part of the world for some of your travels. SOSDD (same old stuff, different day) here. All is well. We leave for Maui a week from tomorrow. Love, Dad & Mom

Julia said...

Wow, I love the pictures, it looks so beautiful! Take lots more...