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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hi Guys,

I feel like I have been really bad about posting so I am not sure how you guys feel. We have been running all around NZ and enjoying it very much! It is so much different than Australia which in some ways is very good and others not so much. The country is really cold, which has been difficult but it is beautiful and very unique.

We spent all day today at the beaches just outside of Auckland with our friend Dean, who is a local Auckland boy. We went to the Piha beach, climbed a small moutain for a view, visited his uncle's beauitful beach house, hiked to some waterfalls, grabbed some fresh mussels for dinner, met his grandmother and cooked an amazing dinner with another of Dean's friend. It has been great to have a tour guide. Pretty much all is really well!

We are dropping off our rental car tomorrow afternoon and than spending one more evening with Dean. He works at the customs deptartment of the Auckland airport so he will pick us up from the rental car place, take us to dinner and drop us back off so we can stay the night at the airport. Our flight leaves Auckland on Thursday the 4th at 630am headed for Melbourne and than off the KL in Malaysia!

We have been taking a lot of pictures so when we get to some sort of internet cafe we will plug in the stick and upload some! Hopefully everything, especially internet, will be as cheap as they say it should be in Asia!

We hope everything is going well at home. We are excited to see everyone next month! We will try to keep everyone as updated as possible. Dick, I hope you really enjoy the Iditarod this year. We are so jealous and a little bummed we cannot go this year. Bo, we hope you enjoy Palm Spring visiting your Dad! It will be nice to get into some wonderful weather. Mom and Dad Heacox, we cannot wait to see you guys at the airport on the 7th along with anyone else you bring!!!! Erica, happy birthday on the 4th and enjoy New York for Coffee Fest! Safe Travels. Love you all

B and K8

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robert said...

Thanks for the up-date, guys. It sounds like you're having a great time and that you're seeing everything in your path. Asia should be interesting to say the least. We'll see you at the airport at baggage claim on the 7th of April. Take care and continue to keep us posted. Love, Dad & Mom