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Friday, March 12, 2010

While I have a few more minutes left on the computer I thought I would try and let you all into our lives here in Thailand. Well, it is different and yet just like I imagined it would be! Weird, I know. It is busy, loud, hot, humid, sacred, relaxed, beautiful and yummy all at the same time. We are in Chiang Mai which is a very special place for visitors and even Thais! It is a quite large city with 1.6 million people but yet it feels quite small. We are able to get any kind of food we want at any hour so let me tell you Brett is HAPPY! The original town is walled, much like the little town I lived in in Italy! The wall was built to keep out Burmese invaders and apparently it worked!

We rented a moped for 2 days and it has been such a blessing. We are able to see so much. Today we headed up to a massive wat (temple) Doi Suthep which is located up in the hills outside of Chiang Mai. The wat was built in 1355 and it was quite amazing being there! We were immersed in Buddhism immediately with monks, locals, and other tourists. It was pretty neat. After the wat we headed into the hills more and visited a little hillside village that seemed pretty remote. Thanks to the moped we were able to get a super cheap meal made by a cute little family run street restaurant. We also purchased some coffee and red tea from a local seller and have been sniffing the coffee bag ever since!

Thailand is pretty crazy. Brett and I are living like royalty for really very little. We are eating the most amazing curries and stir-fries for literally nothing. We each had an awesome curry yesterday with rice and it costs $1.20 plus it tastes amazing. We have also signed up for a cooking class. We are getting picked up tomorrow around 830am and being whisked away to a cooking school outside the city. The itinerary includes going to a local market to pick out produce, cooking a selection of dishes at our own cooking stations and than eating all our amazing dishes! I am really looking forward to cooking next to Brett and trying what we have created!! We are getting to do this special day for next to nothing as well!

We head off to Bangkok and then Hua Hin on Monday. We are planning to stay in Hua Hin for 5 days to watch the kiteboarding pro tour as well as sit on the beach!

Hope all is well at home and know that we miss you and love you all!!!

B and K8


robert said...
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robert said...

Again, thanks for the great post. It sounds like you guys are in culture shock all of the time and you will be hit with it again when you get home. Your heads must be spinning. Thailand sounds like a very interesting country full of very interesting people and sites. We can't wait to hear more. Love, Dad & Mom