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Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Friday! Do you notice something.... I am not at work on a Friday!!! That is because I have the day off the celebrate Brett's graduation!!! Dick and Bo and Bob and Deb arrived into town yesterday afternoon! We sat on the patio and enjoyed the Denver sunshine before heading to dinner at a local restaurant by our house! We only found it appropriate to spill our news while sitting in the sunshine so here it is...... this may need a drum roll.........

Brett and I are having a baby!

12 week photo

8 week ultrasound

Our little one is due just 2 days before Erica's on 11.11.11 so that means that I am 13 weeks along, Today!!!! Brett and I are really excited to get home and see all your little ones and raise our little one with them!

We hope you all have a great weekend, we know we will!!!


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So excited and happy for you!!! Your gonna have so much fun these next few weeks and coming months. Enjoy each and every one of them.