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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Well..... the parents have come and gone, graduation is over, we are starting the packing process, I am done with work on Friday and I am now 13 1/2 weeks pregnant! Lots seems to be happening, now that I can finally share about it!!

It was so much fun having both sets of parents here for the weekend! We ate, ate, ate and ate some more, walked around different parts of downtown, shopped at the farmer's market, went to a Rockie's baseball game and celebrated Brett's graduation! The weather was awesome all weekend, think 80's, a light breeze, and sunshine surrounded by blue skies! I hope the parents brought home some good weather for everyone! I feel like a terrible wife for not capturing the moments on film but we were busy and carrying a camera around seemed silly. I am seriously regretting it now. Oh well, I guess.

So, the move countdown is on! We sent home a couple bags with Dick and Bo today so we are a few bags lighter and it already feels great! I have been thinking about the move a lot and while I get really excited to see everyone, this last week of 80 degrees in Denver makes me a little nervous. Am I going to be able to handle the weather at home?!?!?! Please ask the sun gods to bring on the blue skies and sunshine because I am going to need it!

Otherwise all is the same in Denver! I am done with work on Friday! Wooo hooo! Brett is taking an NCLEX prep course this week at school and then our couple weeks of exploring Colorado will be in full swing! We are so excited to see some places we have never been in CO in the coming weeks and then driving home!

We hope everyone is happy, healthy, and enjoying their spring!

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Jackie said...

congratulations on the upcoming baby!!!