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Sunday, May 1, 2011

SuNdAy FuNdaY!

As you all know when I am home on the weekends all I end of doing is cooking. Well, this weekend was no exception!!! One of today's items was spurred by a shopping trip I went on yesterday with a girlfriend, Njal. We went to a store called Home Goods. This store is amazing! It is owned by TJ Maxx but everything is for the home. They have amazingly cute stuff and if we were not moving home I would easily have blown a whole paycheck there! While I was responsible and did not spend all my dough I did get something that I have had on my "want" list for a very long time! Mini-Loaf Pans! They are so cute and make the perfect size banana bread for presents, single serve eating or to freeze and save for later!

So I made mini-loaf banana bread! They are yummy, moist, small enough to not feel bad if you eat the whole thing and just darn cute to look at! Nothing special about the banana bread. I used my trusty recipe that is perfect every time!

I am now aware that these do not really look mini, but trust me they are!

Along with the banana bread (pretty much my weekend staple) I also played a game of what can you create from all the leftover stuff in your fridge. This is what I came up with: "homemade ravioli." Now, before you jump on my case and freak out because I used wonton wrappers remember that this was all from stuff I already had so excuse me for not making homemade pasta. These are however very yummy despite the fake dough!

Homemade Ravioli
wonton wrappers
ground beef
ricotta cheese
laughing cow cheese
an egg
jalapeno (it added nothing to the flavor but yet it was green, added some color so I threw it in)
bread crumbs

saute all the veggies until soft. Cook the meat. Add everything in a bowl and mix mix mix. Spoon onto wonton wrappers (not too much or they wont seal) brush the edges with water to seal the wrapper. Boil lightly for a couple minutes! Serve with your favorite sauce and enjoy!

Now, if that was not enough, I was looking at these little "ravioli" and thought to myself, wonton wrapper, potstickers, yummyness and decided to pan fry a couple of these bad boys up! I not only created a totally different dish but they were yummy, crunchy and perfect to snack on!!

One last thing on the food note. I have been freezing a little of each bit of fruit I have around the house because it not only makes for super yummy water but keeps it cold too. The fruit acts as little ice cubes!

Here are some pictures from Easter! We spent the day at our friends, Grant and Njal's house! She made a yummy breakfast egg casserole and we brought the juicer for homemade orange juice!
Njal showing off her creation!

OK, so a quick update on Brett and I. Brett has been out of town for the last week on a road trip with his buddies through Utah checking out the Moab area. Of course they went to Vegas along the way and he is expected back Tuesday. It has been a long lonely 8 days. However, I did manage to get a picture of him after his last day of clinical (last Saturday) to document the occasion!

Congratulations Brett! You're a Murse!

I turned in my 2 weeks at work... finally... and I will be done May 13th. It has been a great job while here but I might have gone crazy had I had to stay much longer. Both sets of mom and Dad arrive on Thursday for graduation weekend and it will be so fun to have them in Denver celebrating Brett!!!

Hope all is well at home! Soon it will be out home too!

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