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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Packing = Moving!

I wanted to write and say hi to everyone and give a bit of an update on Brett and I! We are busy packing, cleaning, organizing, saying goodbye to friends and wrapping things up in Denver. Dick T. has graciously offered to drive our truck back for us so we could ride in the same car on our camping trip home! He flies in on Tuesday afternoon and we will quickly put him to work loading all our boxes! We also have a groupon for fish and chips that I have been waiting to use so I guess we can treat him to dinner Tuesday night after all the manual labor! We will both drive out of town on Wednesday and while Brett and I are camping along the way at The Grand Teton Mountains and Yellowstone, I am sure Dick will be high-tailing it home in the little Nissan!

Rest assured all.... we are packing!
I chose to get some bins because we move so darn much and they are pretty darn handy!

We have been busy with friends almost everyday this week knowing that we are leaving next week. It is so fun to think back to all the fun times we have had here and all the friends we have made. They will be truly missed.

I did something else I swore I was not going to do. I registered for the baby...... Now before you jump down my throat and give me a hard time, rest assured I was not planning on doing it. However, I received a coupon for a free $10 gift card to Babies R Us just for walking in the store, filling out the paperwork and zapping one item with that gun! Who can pass of a free $10. Not me, apparently. So, I will put a few things on there for people who are just dying to get us a gift! :) However, when I registered I did get a little care package with a teeny tiny newborn diaper in it. Do they really fit into one of those diapers? They are so little! After being at Babies R Us and getting totally overwhelmed it was really great to see the little diaper because it made me excited again! I am 15 weeks along and the little one is now that size of an avocado!!! Brett and I have been having such a great time seeing the new fruit or vegetable each week on our little phone app! It gives us a sense of the babies growth and helps the weeks fly by! I am finally feeling better despite still being tired and getting killer migraines. Today is the first day since Monday that I did not wake up with a migraine. Knock on wood. The last two nights I slept with an ice pack on the forehead. I am hoping that like the nausea these headaches will go away too! All in all I guess it is a small price to pay for growing a person inside of you.
Um... Brett have you ever even changed a diaper...? NOPE!

They're so little! Smaller than my hand!

As most of your know Brett and I put an offer in on a house in Gig Harbor. It is a short paddle across the bay to Dick and Bo's, it has a community dock with a fire place and a cute yard! Julia found the house for us and has been representing us through the whole process. She has been so helpful and knowledgeable! We put in an offer, it was accepted and now are just waiting for the inspection which will be done on Tuesday the 31st! Brett and I plan to be home Saturday, Sunday or Monday so we can check out the house, be present for the inspection and make a final decision! Yes, only Brett and I would put an offer in on a house we have never seen but we are very thankful because Scott sent us lots of videos and it looks amazing!!! Ok, let me preface this with the location and amenities look amazing. The house needs some work but we are really excited to be able to fix it up! Brett and I agreed in the beginning that we actually want something to work on and make our own! We are very excited but trying not to get too attached yet because you never know how an inspection will go on a house that will built in 1960! We will keep you posted!

Thanks for reading and in just a couple short weeks we will be home!!!

B and K8


Brett said...

Disclaimer: I am NOT scared by this puny little diaper. And I HAVE changed at least 3 diapers in the past. I am a seasoned veteran.

Kisma said...

WOOT! You two have been BUSY!

CONGRATS on the house!!! pictures are a must!!!
Drive safe and have a wonderful trip home!!!!

I am sorry to hear your having migraines, I hope those go away quickly and don't ruin the pregnancy for you.

Nicole said...

two things,


that is all. love you :)