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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We have a stander!!!
 Trevi can successfully cruise along furniture and get around really well crawling! In the last couple of days she has learned to stand unassisted and and walk with a pusher type toy!! Check out the new car/walker toy our awesome neighbors gave us yesterday! I am so thankful because this is exactly the item on my list for our garage sale shopping this weekend! I am so thankful to have such generous and giving neighbors! The only other thing we need is a potty! :) anyone have one lying around!??!!?
The babe walking!
(I hope the video works)

 silly girl!

 it looks like she is leaning on the toy but this all her! 

 she'll do anything for a shiny toy!

 she LOVES the dishwasher!

 she loves grabbing something and standing with it! 
Although I am not sure she really even knows she is standing!

standing girl!

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