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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our 10 Month Old Peanut!!!

 she now sits IN her toy box!

 finding the perfect book!

 so proud of herself!

 She can now make it into the dishwasher just fine!

 she loves stealing the silverware out of the basket!

 sunscreen baby!

 all slimey

 I wish I could rotate images on the blog... sorry

 family photo!

 daddy and daughter!

 first popsicle!

 paddle boarding with daddy!

 learning to paddle!

 inspecting a clam shell!

 she just hangs out while dad paddles around!


 family of 3 on the paddle board!

 holding on!

 Just hangin with my girl!

 inspecting our fruit delivery! making sure there are blueberries in there!

 and Look, she found them!

 post bathtub!

 this little fighter can stand by herself!

 Our baby is 10 months old!

 my peanut!

 she walks with toys!

yummy ham and eggs breakfast!

At 10 months old Trevi:
* can walk with a toy
* can stand unassisted
* has 5 teeth
* can say mama, dada and lots of other jubberish words
* is starting swimming lessons next week
* weights 18.5 lbs
* is 2'3''
* feeds herself
* sleeps all night and takes 2 naps
* can climb very well
*  has much more hair but wont keep a headband on
* often gets mistaken for a boy
* has lots of friends
* loves dogs
* gets so excited to have her picture taken
* went to the Puyallup fair for the first time!

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