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Friday, September 28, 2012

Emily for the WORLD'S RACE!!!  
I have a friend who is incredibly inspiring, smart, thoughtful, warm and adventurous and she is now preparing for an adventure that I can only be jealous of! Emily Wright has been accepted to join the World's Race where she will visit 11 countries in 11 months starting January 2013! This trip is going to be life changing for not only Emily but also her team, the ministry she is traveling with and especially the people she encounters! I am so excited for her to take this amazing leap of faith, leave everything she knows and change the world! Good luck Emily!!! I have added her website below in case you want to read more about her, the World's Race or donate to her mission!!! Either way please remember to pray for her!!!! Go Emily!
 Emily and I running the Monster Dash in Denver 2010!
Let the record show that she did beat me! This girl has guts and sheer determination! We were dog tired and she wanted to sprint once we saw the finish line... Go ahead Emily! I'll see you at the end! :)

 We both have a love for caramel apple!
Estes Park, CO

Attempting to actually take a bite of the apples! 

Emily and I met in Denver when I stated working at Jones International University! She was my life line at a very depressing job! We ran at lunch everyday just to keep our sanity and when things got really bad she introduced me to Chick-Fil-A! I will owe her for a lifetime for letting me in the juicy secret that is a Chick-Fil-A chicken sandwich and their special sauce! Emily is wonderful and she will be great on this adventure! Especially if she finds some palm trees and sand along with those cute little faces and trusting eyes of the people she will meet along the way!

 Check out her website/blog on the World's Race website!

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