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Sunday, September 23, 2012

                          Daddy's Weekend!

I spent the weekend in Seattle with Erica at Coffee Fest and while I was away ALL this happened!!!!  You can be sure Trevi had a great weekend!

 some more fridge climbing!

 she loves the strainer!

 Trevi is quite the climber!

 playing with some carrot tops!

 with Memphis at Saturday morning coffee!

 T went pumpkin picking with Pa!

 OK, seriously, I feel like she should be able to walk if she can do this!!!!
However, no steps yet...

 Daddy took her paddle boarding!

 notice they are both in tank tops! Beautiful September weather! 
No one in our household is ready for fall.

 hanging out with some of her cousins at Brielle's first birthday party!
Left to right: cousin Brielle, auntie Esther, cousin Eggie, T and Great auntie Carol!

more climbing!


JuJu Namarupa said...

She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

Kimber said...

Okay now I want a post with pics on all the fun that you and Erica had at coffee fest! :)