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Monday, April 1, 2013


Some of Trevi's favorite things:


 saying how old she is!

 going to church! She loves the toys!

 ok, not at all one her favorite things but it sure is mine! 

 her cars, trikes, and anything she can ride or push!

 hoarding things... and horses

 water... and her bunny cup! Easter was a good day at our house!

 playing outside!

balls that are way bigger than her

 eating grass... 
hahaha, not really, she got this piece by accident trying to get a cheddar bunny out of the grass

 still trying to get the grass out of her mouth.

 I was so bummed these pictures were over exposed because it was a funny sequence of faces

 watching the ball roll away after she pushed it

 her snack trap

playing outside! she is outside rain or shine most of the day every day!

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