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Sunday, April 21, 2013

SUNDAY Fun day!

no, it was not warm enough for Popsicles here but I had picked up this cute popsicle tray at the dollar store and could not wait to use it! Trevi didn't care that it was cold out!

 mom approved!

 made of real fresh squeezed oranges

 less sugar than store bought!

 millions of flavors possible!

 ok, I felt like a jacket was necessary!

 check out that chomping face!

 the good thing about eating popsicles in the cold... they don't melt and make a HUGE mess!

 we (ok, I) decided that Trevi needed a place to sit on the deck so we picked up a mini Adirondack chair at Ace Hardware to match ours!

 sitting with daddy!

she is obsessed with this chair! and yes, she picked out her own color!

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