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Friday, April 26, 2013

I have been running lately and I am pretty stoked about it! I finally got over my previous running hurdle (I could not get past the first mile mentally and therefor physically.)  I have been going to Gateway Fitness for the last few months and doing a kinesis class 3 days a week which has been great! I finally got my mind back on working out! I have gotten stronger, more toned and in better shape in preparation for running! The class is a combination of cardio and strength training. If you are looking for a gym and a super great class consider kinesis with Marlene at Gateway fitness. 

 my running pals!

That being said here is a list of my latest runs!

4.11.13 (Thursday)
3.56 miles in Cromwell

4.15.13 (Monday)
2.87 miles walking Chambers Bay (a bum burner!!)

4.20.13 (Saturday)
4.67 miles in Cromwell

4.23.13 (Tuesday)
3.93 miles in Cromwell

4.25.13 (Thursday)
4.15 miles in downtown Gig Harbor

4.26.13 (Friday)
3.36 miles on Cushman Trail (pushing Trevi)

I realized that pushing Trevi is making running a little more challenging because of the added weight and I end up stopping a lot more because she needs something.  Thankfully when Brett is around he is willing to push the stroller which allows us to go on family runs!  I am also hoping that training in Gig Harbor and Cromwell, especially, will allow me to handle most terrain because my current routes are so hilly.  You really can't get away from hills in Gig Harbor.

I really hope to keep this trend up because I am enjoying running and finally making some progress in my distance!

Here are some fun blogs I follow to get me motivated!

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