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Sunday, April 14, 2013

 A house Update and 17 Months for the Shrimpy!

 I have been wanting a dutch door since day 1.... I was told I would never get one...

 after going to the beach cabin in Westport last weekend Brett got a taste of life with a dutch door! He came right home and cut ours in half!

Our Little Shrimp is 17 months old!!!
 she can officially use silverware!

 she is a pro with the spoon and yogurt!

 so proud of herself!
eating like a big girl!

 I turned 29 on Saturday and Brett got me balloons! Trevi had the most fun with them!

 just out of her reach if she let go

 trying so hard!

 look at the little hand trying to reach!

 she is determined!

 she is seriously obsessed with her duck towel!

 post bath playing with her blankies!

 wrapping herself up!

 church is the perfect excuse to use all the cute frilly girly outfits!
Tutu... yes please!
melts my heart!!!
and check out how long her hair is getting!!!!

1 comment:

Kisma said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Enjoy the last year in your 20's because the 30's are the best and FLY by at lighting speed- due to #40 knocking at my door in 9 short months!

She is getting so big and as always more adorable! Love the door and may steal the idea!