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Monday, July 8, 2013

Crescent Bar Camping July 2013

 We went camping with Scott, Erica, their kids, Dick and Bo for a long weekend at Crescent Bar on the Columbia River!  It was an awesome camping experience (considering how picky I am) and we all had a great time!

 driving and reading THE WHOLE TIME!!!

 breakfast! love our little green pouches

 playing on mom and dad's awesome air mattress!
Yes, we use a 10 man tent and an air mattress... don't judge. Ok, judge if you want to but at least we are comfortable!

 little driver!

 relaxing with Pa!

 enjoying the river!

 learning to ski

 Gavin skiing! He is a great little skier and an even better tuber!



 the chaos that is also known as Teodoro mini golf!
Coco got hit in the leg with a fast moving ball, Trevi go attacked by a cat, it rained... but we all had fun!

 morning beach playing with daddy!

 Brett always takes her on these cute little exploring excursions! He is such a fun daddy!

 See... fun guy!

 family photo

 Poor T fell and hit her face.  It is sad that I loved the cuddles despite the injury. 

 We never get cuddle time.

 daddy making her feel better!

 Eastern Washington Teodoro tradition!

happy girl!

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