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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Letting Daddy Sleep

Brett has been working some crazy long hours lately (think 7pm until 1130am and 3pm until 730am: so yes 16.5 hours long shifts) so he is trying to catch up on some sleep during the day.  He can seriously run on no sleep better than anyone I know. He calls himself "The Walking Zombie."  So, today we decided to let him take a nap while T and I went and had a little girls date!

First, we went to the library to return books, pick up new ones and play with the toys! Trevi has figured out the library means new books and she is always so excited!!

 running to the checkout with her new books!

 waiting in line to check out her books

 she is always so excited to get back in the car to read her "new" books!

After the library we decided to get some fro-yo! We both kind of have a fro-yo obsession! Today we shared pom-raz sorbet and mango sorbet with coconut, mochi, boba and we even saved a few gummi bears for daddy!

 Don't even think she ate this whole thing... She did however grab it off the table before I could even sit down and take the first bite!

 digging for the boba!

we use hands, spoons, tongues... whatever gets the fro-yo in faster!

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