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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Enjoy the PNW sun

My sister once told me that a cloudy day makes for the best animal viewing at the zoo so we decided to try out her theory and headed to the zoo this morning! Thanks for my in-laws we have a full year pass to the zoo for unlimited trips.  I am pretty sure we have paid for it a few times over! It never gets old!

Trevi forging the path through the Asia Sanctuary!

 in love with the monkeys! They were swinging around so fast I couldn't even get a picture of them!

 pointing at the cheeky monkeys!

 phish! (as Trevi calls them)

 meerkat manor!

 carousel ride!

 she rides all by herself!

 waiting patiently for the carousel to start!


After a 3.5 hour nap T was in a super happy mood and ready to play in the sun! So... we headed outside and enjoyed the afternoon until daddy woke up!

 supers sweet shades!

 look how long her hair is getting... finally!!!

 drawing on the deck!

Once daddy woke up the peanut had a very big girl dinner experience! She had chicken noodle soup with cheesy bread! Daddy may have even gotten in on the soup action for his "breakfast" before heading off to work!
 big girl dinner!

 she is super proficient with her utensils!

 daddy daughter bite!

 mommy had a smoothie for breakfast instead of chicken soup! Of course Trevi had some of that too!

Our awesome neighbors gave us a gift card to Boathouse 19 so we decided to head there one beautiful sunny evening on the boat.  (Scott and Erica's boat that is)  T loved being out in the boat and on the water.  She is super good jellyfish spotter and loves to see the birds and other boats.  We had a great dinner and enjoyed the warm weather!

 searching for jellyfish

 loving the wind in her hair!

dinner: fish tacos, clams and cajun fries!

On another note, Brett made us a super fun headboard for our bedroom from old pallets! We got the pallets for free from a friend so all we paid for was the stain and sealer.  Brett did an awesome job and completed it in 2 days! I love having a handy husband!

 our new end tables are pretty awesome too! Thanks mom!

I love that he just whipped this up in 2 days!

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