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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Family Fun Day!

Brett planned a fun date night for us so we left Trevi with G and Pa (Brett's parents) and headed off to the Rodeo Drive In Movie Theatre in Bremerton.  It was super fun to snuggle in the back of the truck and watch a movie with homemade popcorn!! We got home from the movie super late so we decided to crawl into bed at Brett's parents house and then we got a fun morning with G and Pa! Plus, Trevi slept until 8am!

our view from the back of the truck with an air mattress, blankets, pillows and popcorn

 Trevi watching Pa make a breakfast smoothie!

After having breakfast with G and Pa we headed to Family Fun Day at Sehmel Park with cousin Violet and Auntie Amy.  It was pretty much Trevi's perfect day with bounce houses, snow cones and sunny weather!

 Trevi and Violet going down the slide!

 going up the HUGE slide!

 Trevi coming down!

 they got caught up chatting at the top and then both flew down the slide together!

 hahahaha! pure joy from these two girls!

 sharing a snow cone!

 not very attractive of any of use but still pretty cute!

 more please!

 something cold on a hot day!

 checking out the fire truck

 cute girls!

 mexican pizza for lunch

 we boated in the afternoon!

 Trevi loves to swing!

little monkey

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