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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Coffee Shops

I am utterly amused with coffee shops. I work at Forza and visit often and I always wonder what people are actually doing at the coffee shops. Some people sit for hours staring at their computer screen, while others are glued to a good book. Some people come in and leave quickly while others meet with friends and talk for hours. Are all these people retired? in school? working from home? I am continually interested and thankful that I get to feed my obsession of people wathcing while working!

I can vouch for one main reason that some people come to the Gig Harbor Froza and it isn't the great atmosphere or the wonderful staff or even the amazing wine bar but it is the Luigi's scones!!! Luigi is a baker from Bremerton, WA and his recipes and homemade breads and scones are to die for! He bakes all night long and delievers all his yummies by 9am and than hits the sheets for the day! He is the quintessential baker from Italy! (PS. there is a rumor that he is going to be starting homemade pasta!!!!)

I never thought it would be possible to have so many books going at one time but it can only help my new hobby: reading. Please send me your favorite titles! I just finished a fun girly book from the Gossip Girls series and I am currently reading Girl's Poker Night, Angles and Demons and the Shack. On my list of titles future titles is Secret Life of Bees. Any suggestions?

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