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Monday, April 13, 2009

My 25th Birthday

Because I am still new at this blogging thing it is still fun and exciting to post something new, hence the amount of activity!

I want to thank every one for being so sweet on my birthday! I had two great parties and got to celebrate with some of my amazing family and friends. However, thank you to all of you who sent me emails, facebook messages or took the few minutes to call me! I really appreciate it. I also appreciate all my gifts. Everyone is so generous!

Happy Birthday to Jeff, Zach, Gavin and any other upcoming birthdays!

I had a great day today! I woke up to a house filled, I mean FILLED, with balloons and streamers draped everywhere!! Brett had decorated the whole house after I went to bed last night and even hand wrapped my birthday present. He wrote an amazing card as usual and gave me a brand new super cute HOT PINK iPod and a much wanted all edged brownie pan!!! I cannot wait to make a batch and have a corner piece every time! I spent the morning in class presenting my first of two presentations and than Brett and I spend the afternoon together running errands, catching up on life and eating a fabulous lunch at Kinza! All in all it was a great day!!


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Mich said...

i LOVE that you are doing a blog, kate! i feel sad to be missing all of the happenings up there and sure look forward to the day when we can share life together in the same town (hopefully!) - surprise bdays, easter services, family dinners, and just the regular 'ole running errands and chatting together. by then, there'll be little kiddos running around, and maybe amy and zach will be back too! so, all that to say... i LOVE your blog cus it's a great way to stay involved in your lives. also, i feel the exact same way you do about feeling more-than-blessed by all God's done in our lives. it's totally unbelievable to think back to 365 days ago. all i can feel is thankful, and it makes me hope that i remember God's faithfulness next time we're going through a rough phase of life. geez... this is ten times longer than the longest post of my life. maybe we should start our own blog. hmmm... maybe after i get that long-awaited baby belly picture up. i love you! mich