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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter and Birthday Week!

All my favorite people threw me a surprise birthday party on Saturday afternoon!!!! I honestly had no clue.

Erica asked me last week if I wanted to come to dinner on Saturday night? Of course I said, "yes", because 1. I cannot resist her or her cooking and her kids! 2. I wanted to do all I could to avoid my homework, duh! Unfortunately Saturday got closer and I started to get a little stressed, ok a LOT stressed, about school ending so I told her I might not be able to make it. Thankfully, being the homework avoider that I am, told Brett that we had to go to Erica's for dinner! We pulled up and outside parked on the curb was Elizabeth and Nicole's car! Of course, me having some blond streaks which cause plenty of blond moments thought, "Of fun, she must have invited the girls and forgot to tell me." I walked inside and "SURPRISE" out from the kitchen comes all the husbands, my parents and Brett's parents! They are sooo sneaky! We had a blast, ate good food, drank good wine, I received some amazing presents and hung with the kiddos! It was the perfect birthday party, minus my very much missed sisters not being there! Thankfully I get to see some of them on Sunday!

Brett and I went to Easter church this morning and it was awesome. Every time I am in church I can't help but think about how far I have come in the last year. Not only has God finally made himself present in my life but he brought me a man I only dreamed of having with traits I secretly wanted in my husband. God has helped me get through a year of craziness that is my masters program. He has brought me the most amazing girlfriends a girl can only dream of having and he has provided so much for us! We both have great jobs with the best employers possible. Funny because we both have the same employers! Thanks to our generous parents we have a super cute house with things I always knew I wanted ( a water front view, granite, white cupboards, multi-colored fiestaware, hardwood floors and tons of sunlight) and we both are healthy and happy! Life is great right now! I cannot help but thank both of our parents daily and God for helping us! Church was inspiring as usual, thanks to Gary Albert, and I always feel so overwhelmed with the songs. This morning especially because of the awesome singers and the twinkle in the eyes of all the memebers of the worhsip team!

I have been also been thinking a lot about Amy lately, probably because every time we have a family gathering it doesn't seem quite right because her and Zach are not there! My sister lives in Cleveland with her more than perfect husband, Zach. I honestly miss Amy every day and sometimes it even makes me cry why I think about. I love that we talk more and have the ability to talk on the phone for hours just to catch up. Thankfully they are only in Cleveland for two more years while Zach finishes dental school. Once they move home it will be awesome to hang out with them again! Amy was my first sister to move away for a long period of time, very involuntarily, but Zach got accepted to a great dental school and we always promise her four years is nothing. Thankfully it is already going really fast. Maybe just pray that when Brett applies to nursing school he gets in the Case Western nursing program so we can hang out with A and Z every day!!! Love you, Amus!

Ok, time to get back to the homework for my big day tomorrow!


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amy said...

Thanks Kate. We really miss you to. It hard not to have family around for the Holidays. Hope you have a great birthday.

Love Amy