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Saturday, April 25, 2009

What we've been up to:

Brett and I just got back from CA! We went down to Santa Barbara for Brett's best friends wedding, Brett Schussel. Brett and Nicole got married on Friday night at the Rincon Beach Club in Carpenteria. The wedding was beautiful and so much fun. All day Friday we got to hang out at the beach and than we spent the rest of the evening embracing some amazing aspects of a wedding! We watched a great couple exchange vows, we danced until our legs were sore, we hung out with some awesome friends and we spent the night in two hotel rooms with 15 of the Brett's friends.

It was such an eye opening experience to go to a wedding after planning and having my own. I got to pay special attention to all the details and admire all the time and effort Nicole put into her wedding. I dont think you ever really appreciate someone elses wedding until you have your own. Nicole's attention to detail was amazing. She had the most beautiful center peices, a candy station complete with clear baggies and stickers with Brett and Nicole on them to seal all our goodies, a fire pit with smores ready to be roasted, an S covered with espresso brown fabric and a sage green ribbon hanging on the front gate welcoming people to the wedding, a super cute photo book for the guests to sign, twinkly lights and lanterns everywhere, a personalized dance from each member of the wedding party, his and hers champagne glasses and so many more cute ideas!!!

Congrats Brett and Nicole! April 17, 2009

We spent the rest of ther weekend hanging out in CA! We went to breakfast in downtown Carpenteria, which is honestly the cutest beach town I have ever seen and would move there in an instant, I saw Chew literally cry so hard from laughing that he had to wipe his eyes, we spent the rest of Saturday morning at the beach playing frisbee, we drove back to LA with Laura, and we hung out Saturday night back in ol' Tarzana. Sunday was 97 degrees so Brett and I went to the park for more frisbee, a popsicle and some nice us time. Kyle took us to the airport in the afternoon and we had the most beautiful flight home. I am getting less and less scared flying which allowed me to see every single mountain from OR to Seattle. It was beautiful!!!! For views like that you might be able to get me back on a plane!

Life this week went as usual. We both worked, Brett went to school, I babysat Lucas, I walked three time, once with Amber!, which I am hoping to do more and Brett and I had an awesome dinner with my parents!!

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