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Thursday, February 4, 2010

I thought I would give you a little update while we are driving! Brett is rocking out to AC/DC in preparation for the concert he recently bought tickets to. We are going to a final farewell AC/DC concert in the bands hometown on Monday the 15th! It costing us an arm and a leg but Brett felt totally obligated to attend and I am actually quite excited to see something so rare and exciting for my husband!

We are currently driving to a smaller town outside of Melbourne to show the van to an interested buyer. We are meeting a ladies son who is going to look at it for her. She is looking for a van to take to Tasmania for a little while. Brett and I were recently talking about going to the island of Tassie but unfortunately the time is not allowing us to do everything we want so we are going to instead continue with our plans of the Great Ocean Road, NZ and Asia before returning home! The people calling seem very interested in the van which is bittersweet. We are excited that it seems like the chance of it selling is really good but we are also sad because it means we are leaving soon.

Some fun things we have done lately are:

We got to see the world smallest penguins, Fiery Penguins, make their daily trek across the beach on Phillip Island to their burrows in the sand dunes. We watched about 1000 penguins cross the beach and than we got to follow them up to their burrows. It was incredible and so crazy! It is amazing that they are wild and we didn't disrupt their daily commute from water to burrows. Many of the penguins had chicks waiting for them with hungry tummies and some were simply returning for a sleep, a mating session and even some didn't even leave their burrows because they are stuck on land for 3 weeks without food and water because they are in the molting process. Every year the Fairy Penguins grow a new layer of feathers and during this process they cannot go in the water because they are not waterproof. It was well worth the $20 admission price per person! The penguins were so cute and watching them walk/waddle makes you wonder if their flippers are really there for help or just flapping aimlessly! :) Unfortunately no camera were allowed so we had to simple look and we don't have anything to share with you. However, I am sure there are pictures on google if you are dying to see them!

We also have been to the Mornington Peninsula which had two major attractions for us. I really wanted to go to Sorrento, which is my favorite city in Italy and this town is doing its best to mimic the sleepy Italian town. We, of course, got a cappuccino, window shopped, browsed a few stores and took it all in! Second on the list while on the peninsula was the wineries. The Mornington Peninsula is very well known for being the Pinot Noir capital of Australia and if you know my husband's wine taste he is a pinot man so a trip there was a must! We purchased a bottle from a winery there and thoroughly enjoyed it while eating dinner at an impossible place to describe!

We are spending the next few days meeting people for the van and seeing more and more before we leave! We have lots on the list and once we cross them off we will inform you!!

B and K8


robert said...

How tall are the Fairy, Fiery penguins? As of this morning, Sat., it looks like Tugboat has vanished for good and his loss is deeply felt by us all and, of course, very deeply by Jeff, Julia and Wyatt. They think somone must have picked him up because they cannot find a trace of him. He was one dog in a million and he will be missed. It's especially tough because they have no closure on him, i.e. they have no idea what happened to him or where he is. It sounds like your trip continues to go well and that you are moving on to new horizons. Love, Dad & Mom

Angie Frantz said...

The question is...did Brett bring along his 80's hair band wig on the trip? Daniel said that when he went to the AC/DC concert with Brett and Scott at the T-Dome, the wig was the talk of the night!
Glad you are enjoying your trip! Love you descriptive blogs!

Dick and Bo said...

Hi Guys,
So very sorry to read Bob's comment about Tugboat. That is a sad heartache for everyone who knows Tug.

Sounds like the trip is going MANY fabulous experiences! So have you sold the van? We know you won't pass it on until mid-Feb. Kinda sad to be leaving it, but you still have lots of adventures ahead of you! We continue to live vicariously through you! :-) Love, Mom