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Friday, February 19, 2010

Well, this will be a bit of a quick post because we are now paying for internet.... ugggg. We have been making our way around NZ and while it is really pretty it is also really really COLD. I have never felt so unprepared. We have already bought two sleeping bags and slept in the car all 3 nights we have been here. We tried the tent last night because it had finally stopped raining but let me tell you, I never get closterphobic, but put me in a one-man tent with two sleeping bags, two people, no room to sit up and all the doors zipped and I freak out. I layed in the tent for about an hour listening to Brett happily sleeping and I had to get out. I slept in the car while he stayed in the tent. This should make for an interesting two weeks. And to add to all this excitment we BOTH somehow picked up the exact same cold on the same night... Weird I know. I am not sure how that it physically possible but two nights ago we both went to sleep feeling a little funny and we were constantly swallowing. We thought it may be due to the cold wet weather and sleeping outside but we are not convinced because it wont go away and now we both have a sore throat, a stuffy nose and a bit of a runny nose. We hope it doesn't get any worse but instead better because it is hard to be out seeing the sights when we don't feel great. The only good thing is that at least we both have it so one is not down while the other is fine.

We are currently in Dunedin, which is a very pretty city. It is finally sunny today and we have had a nice drive. We went to Mount Cook yesterday which is the tallest mountain in NZ and it was beautiful. There were amazing lakes and streams which was literally more blue than the sky. It was breathtaking. We are enjoying NZ now that the weather is better but it is still cold. We are headed toward Milford Sound tomorrow and than Queenstown followed by Fjordland, Fox Glacier, the west coast, a short ferry crossing to the north island and than after exploring up north for a bit we head out of here on the 4th of March!

All is well here and I will try to get on soon to post some pictures!!! Miss you all.

Love, B and K8


Linnea said...

Milford sound is gorgeous!!!!!!!

robert said...

Thanks for the great post! Take care of yourselves and don't let yourselves get too sick. That could ruin the rest of your trip especially if you also get into some weird food in Asia. Beee careful! We will be happy to pick you up around 1:00 p.m. in Seattle on Wed. April 7. Get your rest. Stay hydrated, warm and eat carefully and well. In some areas of Asia you don't even want to open your mouth in the shower. We had dinner with Ann, Mike, Mike's dad, Tony, and his mom, Jane, in Seattle tonight Love, Dad & Mom

Dick and Bo said...

So good to hear from you guys! And so sorry about the colds. Hopefully they run their course quickly. Sounds like it might be time to spring for a inexpensive motel or hostile so you can recoup.
We made it back from Cannon Beach area last night & the weather there was as beautiful as it is here - blue sky & high 50's! Hard to believe for Feb! The S & E gang are in CA w/ Rob & Pat & that entire side of the family. M & C & O met up w/ them in Palm Desert to visit gramps. Chad flew a trainer, and M & O drove. Sounds like it was a wonderful time for gramps to visit w/ all of them, and he especially enjoyed the great-grandkids.
Well, hang in there & we'll pray for good health!
Thanks for your arrival itinerary - we'll coordinate w/ Bob & Debbie - I assume we'll all want to greet you at the airport!
Love M & D