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Monday, February 22, 2010

Well, we are going to the doctor tomorrow morning… but not for our colds. They seem to be lingering but maybe getting a little better. Doesn't it mean you are getting better when you nose literally runs ALL day long! Hopefully... We are actually going to a travel doctor in Queenstown to get the vaccinations and medications we need for Asia. We should be getting a couple shots as well as some antibiotics in case we need them. My plan is to be soooo careful that I won't need any meds once we get there. Pray for me please!!! We have started to plan the Asia part of our trip a little more and we are currently looking into buying a few more plane tickets so we have a few destinations picked out! We will keep you all posted on our plans and locations.

We stayed last night in a town called Te Anau, which is beautiful. We stayed at a holiday park/caravan park but instead of the tent I went for it and rented a cabin for $50 so we had a bed and a warm room to sleep in!!! The facilities were nice and we were able to use the kitchen so we had a nice meal for dinner and breakfast! We definitely have not been going hungry while here. We are headed out this morning for Queenstown where we will hang out for the day, explore and then go to the doctor first thing in the morning. Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world and you can skydive, bungee jump, base jump and go nuts. I don't plan to do any of those things but Brett has been chatting about wanting too. Yikes. I will do my best to talk him away from the cliff J. We have plans to make it to the ferry crossing by the 26th so we can cross and meet up with our neighbor from Port Douglas. Dean lived next to us and is originally from Auckland. While we were living in Port he went back home and now we get to meet up with him outside of Wellington to go to a concert. We plan to let him show us around while driving back to Auckland or somewhere close. It should be fun to see him again and hang out with him! He is a true Kiwi and meeting him in Port was a treat. It will be nice to see a familiar face as well!

I hope you like the pictures I just posted. I wanted to get a few up and it was actually quite hard to choose just a few good ones but I did my best. Everything we have seen so far has been so beautiful and amazing. The scenery makes up for the freezing weather. Hopefully it will get a little warmer up north.

Well, we just wanted to say hi and give a little update!! Hope all is well with everyone at home. We miss you and send our love. We are also excited to see everyone on April 7th! We bought our tickets home and we will be arriving around 1pm on the 7th. We fly from Hong Kong to San Fran and then on to Seattle!


B and K8


robert said...

We're looking forward to April 7th! Can we pick you up at the airport? You guys get home about a week after we get home from Maui. Mom and I had dinner at the Thai Hut tonight and it wasn't as good as usual. We may give it another try in a few months. We've really been enjoying watching the Olympics and especially the successes of the Americans. Take care and stay healthy. Love, Dad & Mom

Julia said...

That's a great picture on the front page, it looks like you guys are happy and healthy. We are putting off Wyatt's 1st birthday until you get back. Hurry home but enjoy your time!