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Sunday, February 14, 2010

OK, I know it has been awhile since posting but we have been busy and waiting for a few things to happen since the last post. We officially sold the van and somehow we made $1000 in our sale! We got into a bit of a bidding war and without asking we made money! Pretty sweet huh?!?! The extra money will definitely be funding our trip and allowed us to have a nice Valentine's Day dinner out! We went to Little Italy here in Melbourne for dinner and it was awesome. We had homemade pasta, an antipasto place and some supper yummy house wine. It was a great day.

We also drove the Great Ocean Road a few days ago which was breathtaking! The sights and beaches were simply beautiful. We had a little bit of misty ocean weather but it made the beaches and oceans a little spooky which was neat! We are now in the Miami Hotel in Melbourne!

We stayed here last night and will again tonight. We have been seeing all the sights and thoroughly enjoying Melbourne! It is a very nice, clean and friendly city that, thankfully, is a lot like Sydney when it comes to public transportation! It is easy to get around and Brett and I have been spending all our time on free transportation. It gets us right where we need to be and is really quite fast as well. Today we are headed to the AC/DC exhibition before the concert tonight. I have a feeling I will be a little out of my element at the show but I guess that is what this entire trip has been.

While in Melborne we attended the St. Kilda festival which also had a lot of kiting! Brett was stoked!

We are getting really excited for NZ and our upcoming travels. We have a little less than 2 months and than we get to see all of you!!!!!! We hope all is well at home. We miss everyone but we are excited to see you soon!! Please wish us well in all the upcoming flights!

B and K8


Linnea said...

Is the first picture of the "12 apostles?" I remember seeing that. It's gorgeous!

robert said...

Thanks for the informative post and the great photos. Congratulations on making a couple of bucks or your van. That always makes you feel better than losing a bunch of $ on it. You guys are going to be very busy for the next couple of months and settleing down in Denver may feel pretty good. You can always travel more after school is over too.
We had Lucas Thursday evening, all day Friday, Saturday and till about noon on Sunday. We had Wyatt on Friday. On FridayI also took Lucas to AST hoping to see Dick and let Lucas see the plant. Dick was out to lunch. Sat. a.m. I took Lucas to Wyatt's YMCA swim lesson and Sat. p.m. we went to Parker Bare's 3rd B-day. Ann & Jordan came down Sat. evening as Mike was recuperating from Laser eye surgery and about all he could do was sit in a dark room for Sat. He's probably feeling better now. It was a pretty busy weekend but also alot of fun.
We're looking forward to hearing all about N.Z. and Asia. Love, Dad & Mom

Dick and Bo said...

Thanks for this post you guys. Great to see what you've been up to in Melborne! Can't believe all the kites on one beach.

How cool to make $ on the van transaction. So, it sounds like you'll be hoofin' it, and public transportation until you jump on a plane to NZ. So, I'm picturing you unloading the van & moving it into a hotel room. Now for the trick of getting it all onto a plane to NZ. Bet K8 won't be able to only do carry on - well, she probably could; but my guess is Brett has enough gear for both to check luggage!

Love hearing about your travels!!
M & D T