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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pictures From Our Australian Adventure!

Apparently I don't mind camping if I can pick the location and cook the dinner- Snowy River Natl. Park

A fairly common occurrence especially while driving at dusk-Jindabyne

Instead of paying for a tour of the area we just rode the ferry around and around with our all-day all-access public transport pass- Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House from the ferry on our last night

Largest satellite in the southern hemisphere- Canberra Deep Space Communication Center

On top of the TALLEST mountain on Australia- Mount Kosciusko

The amazing and beautiful Sydney Opera House

Wild kangaroos at Pebbly Beach- NSW

Brett has become an even more amazing kiter- Port Welshpool
(The latest picture I plan to frame!)

1 comment:

robert said...

Thanks for the great photos! You should be able to find a lot of frameable photos in your collection of 4500. We're looking forward to following you on your future travel and to getting you back home. Love, Dad & Mom