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Friday, February 14, 2014

1 weeks (almost!!!!)

A bit of update: Brett interviewed in Pasadena, CA today so some positive thoughts regarding acceptance would be much appreciated! He said he felt pretty good about it but it's still very competitive so here's to hoping! He is also waiting to hear back from Portland! We're hoping to hear back before I return home in a few weeks!

Here's what T and I have been up to!

Always ready for the sun! Thank goodness she loves her hat! And she is definitely the sunscreen patrol!

Snocone the size of her head and definitely best I've ever tried!

Having some fun with the hose!

Waiting for the bus! She is a pro!

We went on a breakfast date for banana macadamia nut pancakes! 

Another beautiful sunset!

Playing at sunset !

All clean and ready for bed!

It has been so gorgeous!

Beach walk fun!

We found a coconut!

She is getting more brave!

By far my favorite fruit, lilikoi! Aka passion fruit!

Beach treasures! 

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