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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day island style!!

Happy Valentine's Day from the islands! 

Wishing daddy a Happy Valentines Day! 

A very pink valentines breakfast!

A cute shirt and beads from daddy! 

Valentine's day happened to fall on donut day! Trevi hand picked the pink sprinkle donut! So fitting for the holiday! 

Enjoying her treat! 

Healthy valentine lunch! I love maui food! So fresh and flavorful!

My wedding date! We got invited to my friend Amber's wedding in Wailea and it was beautiful! T stayed up wayyyyy past her bedtime but was such a good girl and loved her frilly dress! 

Blurry because she is running of course!


At the fancy wedding!

Saturday morning whale watch!
Amazing what a difference only a year makes! Good thing Brett reminds me to take these pictures! 

On the boat!

The fake whale had more appeal than the real ones :/ 

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