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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rain but 80 degrees! Still paradise!

We has a couple days of cloudy weather with intermittent rain. Thankfully it was still 80 degrees. Yesterday it cleared up so we ventured back outside. 

Sand in the pool from the crazy wind storm

Checking out the big waves!

The little storm made for some big waves on sugar beach but we still for out and walked in the sand!

Taking kitty for a bucket ride

We hopped on the bus for a ride to the park! She saw it from across the lawn and made a beeline for it at a dead run shouting, park!!!!

She is a monkey at any park!

Using the big girl swings!

We checked the mail and t for a belated valentine card from g and pa! We also got some cookies from a neighbor so we have a little bit of a late valentines party!

The blue skies and sunshine came back!!!

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