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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

City girl!

-----This is an old post that I just noticed never got published but had some cute pictures of trevi and her cousins!!  We will be back to our regular scheduled programming ie. Maui photos tomorrow!!! :)  --------

Trevi and I are spending the week in Seattle watching my sisters kids and lets just say Trevi loves all the activities the city has to offer!

Komodo dragons with Memphis at the woodland park zoo!

Sea otters

We spent a long time watching these cute guys swim!

Building castles!

Playing on the playground at Jordan's school prior to picking him up!

Playing with the kitty auntie ann just got!

She claims this is daddy's truck because of the Seahawks flag!

Coloring in a box! Another reason I love online shopping!

Seattle children's museum!

Playing in the boat! 

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