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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Maui babe!

We arrived safe and sound after a very long flight ( because of time not behavior!) but we are here and just having the time of our lives so far! Here's a look into our first day! We covered a lot in one day! 

Riding In Her wheely car seat while daddy dropped us off at the airport! 

Getting settled for a 6.5 hour flight. Painfully long.

Good morning Maui day 1!!!! Checking out the beach first thing! She loves the beach, hates the waves and can't quite decide how she feels about the sand!


Fruit snacks at the beach!

Headed out for a beach walk after breakfast!

Sandy baby toes!

Afternoon juice! 

Riding the bus! We decided to forgo a rental car because it was so expensive for a month so we are getting acquainted with the bus routes! Trevi thinks the bus is pretty much the best thing yet!

Afternoon at the beach!

Photo session while dinner was cooking on the BBQ!

She made a new friend this evening! The half and half helps!!! ;)

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Kelly Teitzel said...

So glad you're having fun and that Trevi likes the bus. What a fun adventure!